Iron Worker (Mechanical)

The versatile UIW performs five metalworking operations basic to fabricating shops, structural shops, sheet metal shops and plant maintenance duty. Without changing tools, these machines will punch, shear angles, bars and flat stock - notch and cope angles, beams, channels and flat stock.

The welded steel plate frame withstands much greater shock loads than cast or bolted frames. Efficient rated motors provide substantial power savings. In operating comparison, the Buffalo UIW outperforms, out-saves and outlasts competitive machines in its class - both foreign and domestic.

Standard sizes #1/2, #1-1/2, #2-1/2, and #3-1/2 have a punch ram pressure capacity from 58 to 137 tons.

Iron Worker (Hydraulic)

The #OH UIW is a hydraulically actuated machine with five workstations. These stations allow punching holes through flat bars and structural shapes, shearing angles at 90 Degrees and 45 Degrees miter, shearing round bars, shearing flat bars and rectangular coping of structural shapes. All of these operations are accomplished without tool changes.

Standard features include: adjustable gib for the tool plunger, centralized lubrication system, multiple shearing edges on most knives, replaceable bushings for the pivot pins and nationally available hydraulic and electrical components.

The OH produces 47 tons punch pressure with a maximum of a 1-1/16" diameter hole in 1/2" thick low carbon steel (65,000 PSI).