Vertical Bending Rolls

Commercially accurate circles, segments and spiral bending are turned out at high production rates by these compact, efficient machines. Occupying little floor space, they offer extremely wide and flexible capacity ranges.

Hydraulic adjustment of the top roll provides the operator with finger tip control of the full roll tonnage - speeds removal of bent sections - permits adjustment of movable roll at any point on a work piece.

Among other features, the combination leg-in and guide roll attachment is particularly noteworthy because it eliminates problems caused by twisting tendencies of materials. It may be used when bending angles "leg-out" and also on other sections to assure a uniform diameter.

Five sizes are available.

Horizontal Bending Rolls

Buffalo Horizontal Bending Rolls are recommended for bending heavier sections as well as smaller sections that are bent to large diameters.

Separate rolls are suggested to bend each type of structural section. One set of angle rolls handles the full range of angles, both leg-in and leg-out are listed for each size machine.

Buffalo Horizontal Bending Rolls are available from #1/2@ 2 x 2 x 1/4 angles, maximum. to #3@ 6 x 6 x 1 angles, maximum.